Friday, April 26, 2013

Happy Arbor Day!

Last week I received 10 douglas firs that I ordered from The Arbor Day Foundation. They had to soak in water and then I planted them around our property.

I planted all ten around the property, I dug deep holes so the roots could easily grow and stuck sticks around the trees to keep the deer from trampling them. You can see a 'cliff' edge behind the tree in my neighbors yard. Part of our yard has a sharp drop off that I call 'the cliff'. My hope is by planting these trees they will take root and keep the dirt in place. We have had several bigger trees fall and as they fall nothing new is able to grow because the deer have eaten everything bare. Deer aren't supposed to eat coniferous trees. Knock on wood.

I hope that our trees flourish, I just received 5 more in the mail of different coniferous varieties. I can't wait to get them planted!

Happy Anniversary Jewelry!

Today is my Mother-in-law and Father-in-laws 30th anniversary. For their anniversary my Father-in-law, Jeff, commissioned me to make a necklace out of Beth's favorite antique buttons. So above you can see some of the antique buttons along with strands of swarovski pearls. 

This is the necklace I came up with. It's five strands of pearls, swarovski crystal, 14k yellow gold and sentimental antique buttons. The strands are of varying lengths that lay nicely together. And it was made with lots of love.

I also made a pair of mismatched earrings, I thought these two buttons were really fun together. The left one glows white in the light, and the right black button has crystals that sparkle around the edge.

Here is the piece on a black background for a different perspective.

And a close up, I love the mother of pearl quality many of the buttons have. I used silk to string everything and liked having the silk string visible on the buttons. 

Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day from my bit of earth to yours!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

New Plant - the Hellebore

I bought a new plant to try out in my yard, a hellebore. They are supposed to bloom from December through the spring. I'm hoping it's a hardy plant and I get to see blooms in the snow next year. If you Google hellebore you'll see all kinds of beautiful hybrids. 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Where have I been?

I did want to let my readers know, with my sincerest apologies why I haven't been blogging as much as I'd like (which is daily since I love to share cool things with you). For 10 years I've been dealing with a very painful pelvic condition that has been flaring up again, since this past August. I'm going to write about my condition (vestibulodynia or dyspareunia) in the hope that it will help someone to get the help they need. Writing or speaking about this pain can be uncomfortable for many people, but one in four women will have a pelvic pain issue, and too often they're too embarrassed to talk to their doctors. I want you to know that you're not alone and there is help out there.

Let me explain my pain. Many of my leg and hip muscles have tightened so badly (from my pain) that sitting for long periods hurts. My vestibule - the vaginal opening - was so sensitive that I couldn't wear pants back when I was diagnosed correctly in 2008. My specialist, Dr. Richard Marvel in Baltimore, diagnosed me because I jumped off of a table in pain when he touched my vestibule with a Q-tip.  Obviously, I couldn't have sex without pain, either.  

I had surgery five years ago to remove some of the most painful tissue. In August my pain flared up again, badly, and I've been in physical therapy since October 2012. Right now I have an awesome team of doctors and physical therapists, including Dr. Lara Burrows and Amy Senn at Summa Healthcare in Akron. They are doing everything they can to help - with medicine, physical therapy and mental therapy that have helped me to feel better and cope with the pain when it flares up. I'll be attending a medical conference for patients with my condition (and similar conditions) in April. I plan on telling you all more about this because if those of us with these conditions don't speak up there won't be money invested for research to help us find solutions. 

The conference I will be attending is the Alliance for Pelvic Pain

Here are a few organizations with helpful information, The National Vulvodynia Association and the International Pelvic Pain Society.

You are welcome to ask me questions, though I am not a doctor. And if you go to a doctor and feel as though your concerns were not addressed you can look up doctors on the sites listed above. Keep persisting until you find a doctor that listens to you.

If me speaking out about this helps one person get help for their issues, it was well worth it. 

And I will continue to post more art and jewelry.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland

Last week I attended the opening of Kate Gilmore's work at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Cleveland. The piece above was my favorite. Taking it to the basics, she fills pots with paint and climbed these steep stairs in heels and threw the pots. I wish I could have seen this preformed live. The  paint was still a little wet when we arrived to the exhibit. It reminded me of a piece I did back in high school, where I made a piece in Jackson Pollock's style, it was fun, messy and exhausting.

Thank you to my friend Michelle Pajak-Reynolds for inviting me out to this event!

The new MOCA building is a work of art itself designed by Farshid Moussavi.

In the gift shop I found the cutest little (bobble head like) creations called Hoptimist by Ehrenreich Denmark. I bought the little blue guy, he brings joy to my bench!