Sunday, August 18, 2013

Hammer Song Farms Sculpture is hung!

Back in April of this year Joe, his Mom and Dad and I took our annual welding workshop at Hammer Song Farms. To hang the sculpture on the wall I had to take a piece of hard wood and screw it into the studs since the studs didn't line up right for me to hang the sculpture. And I used a level! I am my Grandfather's Granddaughter. 

The sculpture is an eclipse of the moon covering the sun. I thought this was the perfect place to hang it! Next to my ukulele.

Here's a closeup, there are great patinas to make different areas of the sculpture pop. 

We always have so much fun at Hammer Song Farms in Mt. Vernon Ohio, you should check out their class schedule.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Trash to Treasure!

This morning my mother-in-law suggested a facebook page for me to like, ZeroLandfill Cleveland. I liked it and found out today was a day to go pick up stuff they had saved from being thrown away. So I went. And found these awesome vinyl stair treads. Now you're probably thinking those would make ugly jewelry. But while I was there I thought ok none of the materials look like they could become jewelry but what if I pressed the textures of these treads into metal I was working with?

What fun patterns could I add to my jewelry?

Growing up we had a dump that had a shed where you could put things you thought others might like instead of throwing them right out. So have you checked your local dump to see if they have any cool  trash to treasure programs? 

Think outside of the box!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Earring Sketch Progress - Did you know you can dye silk string?

Dyeing pearl stringing silk is easy, I cut up a piece of card board (the purple thing in the middle) and wrap the silk I need dyed around it. Then I put it in a bucket with hot water and black Rit dye (can be found at the grocery store). I'll leave it there overnight for good measure.

I wanted to show you my progression of sketches. It's always good to really flesh out a design in your sketchbook with multiple sketches. You may like your first idea, but as you keep going the ideas get better and better. (Note I cut out images of other artists' jewelry to put in my sketchbook, so I didn't draw those. If you want an artists name just comment below.)

The wispy hanging lines are where the seed beads will be. I draw mostly in pen and take notes of thoughts I have. My idea is to construct the 'frame' out of silver and then suspend the strands of seed beads from that.

Getting more geometric and natural on the same page.

The image above remind me fish hooks and nets.

Playing with more shapes above and below.

The image above is where things start getting good. Besides the fish and the hippo. The earring design on the bottom right has some really nice curves I pulled from a crystal chandelier bead I have.

Continuing to play with the shapes.

And on.

Until we arrive at the image on the right. That earring with a long piece of silver (as in the black area near the ear wire) and then silver schwoopies (yes that's a word) with the beads suspended from them. I really like how this idea came out. Partly inspired by the book below. I started to recognize what I was drawing as a Thai roof line (to a certain degree). 

In the image above I have the chandelier crystal on the sketch, it's black. And a few piece of silver, I started working on elements that will hold the strands of beads. 

Just loving the Thai design!

Does a certain image or sketch pop out to you?

Delicious Summer Time

I had to share this great image of the tomatoes in my vegetable garden. I loved the colors! Thanks to my friend Adrienne, I have tomatoes! 

Sadly my vege garden doesn't get enough sun, I've never had a big crop. But I'm trying to start some raspberry bushes and cherry trees that I figure can stay in that enclosed area until they are big enough to transplant into the yard and woods. We have an overpopulation of humans that are affecting the deer. Or an overpopulation of deer eating anything they can. There are several ways to look at it.

I start my seeds inside with a grow light, and it's so much fun when they start sprouting! 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

This Weeks Design Challenge

A couple weeks ago my friend Michelle Pajak-Reynolds and I went to Bead Paradise in Oberlin Ohio. I had never been and boy was it hard to not spend a million bucks. There was such a great variety of beads, seed beads, tribal beads, everything in every color. 

I bought these seed beads, an emerald green and a peacock purplish color.

My challenge is to design a pair of earrings, my next post will have the sketches and the next a pair of earrings using these beads. 

Wish me luck.

Do you like small earrings or large statement pieces?